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RosaritoDreams.com is quickly becoming one of the best and most useful specialized travel sites on the internet for finding vacation rentals in Rosarito Beach. RosaritoDreams.com is the easiest place for travelers to find and rent unique vacation rentals including condos, beach houses, villas, at or near the beach. RosaritoDreams.com is the most efficient means for owners to promote their rental properties. All homes have spectacular Ocean Views, or are footsteps away from the ocean! Each unit has its own balcony offering magnificent views of the sea in panoramic scope. Guests also will be delighted with the romantic sunsets from their own balconies. In addition, elegance and comfort in the contemporary tropical setting are the keywords that describe the design and decor of our accommodations.

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Dine at Rosarito's fine restaurants, famous for their lobsters. Go dancing in the various restaurants and bars, open till early morning. Condos are next door to Papas and Beer. Affordable accommodations in condos or houses on the beach. Whether you are single or in a group we have the right size condos or houses for you, with all amenities. See our houses on the sand - just walk out of the door barefoot to the sandy beach.

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Villa on the Bluff 16

Fabulous ocean views! Click here.

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Condo 103

Just steps to the beach! Click here.

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Paradise Villa

An ocean view in a paradise villa! Click here.